006 – 9 lives of the cat

Our breath is with us always and our life is measured in our breaths. We can prolong our life by taking deep breaths and being aware of our breathing initially and then it is a way of life.

I have three wild cats living in our garden. They have been visiting us since they were kittens. The tom does not allow us to touch him and he is the most loved and happens to be our doxie’s BFF. They communicate with each other and there is no grudge on his part when he is chased by Flash. The cats come for breakfast, lunch and tea. They have different timings and expect us to serve them.
The tom whose name is Munna has nine lives. He has been involved in fights which have almost killed him but he rises like the phoenix. I have to give him medicine in his cream and it has to be at room temperature. We always have our heart in our mouth when he does not come. The other two are his sister and niece. They are gentle and our hunters. Munna is not a hunter, he caught a squirrel once and he brought it to me and then he was sick. He is a big boy going on 7 and wide of girth with jowls as he is a hearty eater. What amazes me is his escapades.
I have come to the conclusion that it is his breathing which keeps him going. Though I think his lives will get shorter. He seems to bounce back and yet when we attempt to pat him he strikes a boxer’s punch.
Do we want 9 lives or one is enough.

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