009 – Mantra from the heart

Words are powerful. They stay around long after we are gone. Amati is a word which means dull mindedness, lack of inspiration, poverty of ideas and emptiness. Amati is also found with
Durmati which means fear, evil thoughts, evil tensions and evil intuition. And it is located in our mind. Amhas means anxieties, and it reflects that we need to be free of it.
How do we attain freedom?
By chanting mantras, which consist of phonemes, which are a force of spiritual energy and Supreme Godhead. Our heart is a reflective awareness and the mantra is the heart of everything.
Abhinavagupta says that this energy of the phonemes is everywhere in the divinised energies, in the weapons, in kings, in rivers, living beings, flowers and is the source of the mantra. If it disappears, the phonemes disappear too and you have dead letters left.
There are 70 million mantras. Mantras are formulated with the deepest and most profound understanding that accompanies insight arising from the heart.
And finally our soul resides in our heart.

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