014 – Gunas the power of the universe

How can we commune with the powers of the universe. We live in a cosmos which is permeated by powerful sources.There are deities everywhere, whether they are in the clouds, forests, waterfalls, mountains, planets, sand or an atom. We have to connect our heart with them and we will feel their presence. We are part of the divinities as these are aspects of our deeper self. We are comprised of three gunas, Tamas, Rajas and Sattwa. They are our basic energies and their complex interactions create the physical universe.

Tamas is inertia which represents physical or mental darkness, sloth, ignorance and negative human behaviour.

Rajas is activity, it signifies intermediate dimness between darkness and light is manifest as restlessness, urgency, passion and impurity.

Sattwa is balance, it signifies truth. It points towards reality and it is manifest in calmness, wisdom and purity.

The description is tamas veils, Sattva reveals and rajas allows these two forces to interact. Prakriti is nature and within it exist the three gunas in a state of inactive equilibrium.The three gunas combine, recombine in patterns of ever increasing complexity and the gunas produce everything in the universe, from solid physical matter to fleeting human emotions.
So what does this mean for us.

Awareness, neutrality and detachment.

Apply it to our daily life and gradually become non-reactive. Enjoy your work, do your best without anticipating a reward.

Aim Hrim Klim.

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