019 – Hanuman the God of Prana

Today is Tuesday and it is a very auspicious day. We pray to Hanuman, the God of Prana.

He is a god who is totally devoted and dedicated to Rama. He was cursed as a child that he would only develop awareness and wisdom when Rama was born and he would lay his eyes on him. He is a super God. He can carry mountains on the palm of his hand, cross the oceans, reduce himself to the size of the atom, to name a few of his virtues.
He has Rama’s face on his heart and it is said that as long as Rama’s name is chanted in the universe, people will know of Hanuman.

We pray to Hanuman for wisdom and to be free of fear. Fear crowds our daily life and we cannot think without it influencing our judgement. Praying to Hanuman awakens our prana and when that happens, we are fearless and we let go of the baggage of Karmas.

Students, sportsmen, musicians, professional pray to Him, because we are redeemed and can lead a creative and connected spiritual life.

Aim Hrim Klim.

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