028 – Feelings and how they are effecting us

I am writing about feelings and how they are effecting us in these times of Covid, Talibanisation of Afghanistan, killing of the dolphins in the Fargo islands, heat waves, fires and floods. We are all under stress and as a result we are becoming intolerant, suspicious and sad.

Life is hard, many of us are without employment. The lockdowns have made us feel alone, and full of fear as some of us have seen our near and dear ones dying of covid. We also have not been able to meet our loved ones and give them a hug. The situation is such that these traumatic events are effecting us in different ways.

How do we overcome this feeling of isolation and alienation

Through Breath Awareness. In our breathing, we must concentrate on our exhalation. Consciously we inhale to the count of 5, hold our breath to the count of 5, exhale to the count of 10, and pause to the count of 5, before we take the next breath. We will do this with awareness, concentration and adding a mantra. We will count the breaths 27 to 1, backwards. No mistakes, if we make a mistake we start again.

Here we are specifically concentrating on our exhalations. Each exhalation lets go of our negative energy, thoughts and strengthens our immunity system. This is the Apana Prana, and it engages in the space between the navel and perineum. We can also chant “Aum Apana Swaha”, with the exhalation. I would suggest practice with awareness, concentration, detachment.

This short practice, will strengthen your Apana Prana, and help you to be optimistic and free from fear.

Aim Hrim Klim


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