051 – How do we get forgiveness for our sins

We are seekers and how do we experience and understand God. Heaven and hell are within us. We can live with our private hell during our life time or learn to be compassionate, caring and empathetic. If we chose to live in heaven, then we must practice our sadhana, our breath awareness, our mantra and our daily practice.

We have many choices and my Guru encouraged his disciples to visit other Gurus and experience and learn from their goodness and purity. I followed his advice and I found that I learnt so much from humble teachers. I went to Cochin to learn Chakra Massage. The teacher was recommended by Swami Gitananda of Pondicherry. I did not know anyone in Cochin and I went to the YWCA to seek accommodation. I offered to teach them Yoga and they were so kind to me that they gave me free board and lodging. I went to see the teacher and I spent a week at his clinic. After a week he said that I had learnt what he could teach me. I offered to pay as the fees had not been discussed. He refused to take payment from me. I then put the Dakshina in a book.

There is a meditation on Buddha Amitayus. Amitayus, the Buddha of Eternal life, is also known as Amitabha, which means infinite light.

“If there be anyone who commits evil deeds… let him utter the name Buddha Amitayus’ serenely and with voice uninterrupted; let him be continually thinking of Buddha until he has completed repeating, ’Namu Amida Butsu.’ On the strength of Buddha’s name he will, during every repetition, expiate the sins. The meaning is I take refuge in Amida Buddha. I open myself to compassion and light.

Aim Hrim Klim.

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