052 – To walk on the Sattvic path – with a balanced frame of mind

We are hedonists. Seekers of assuaging our senses. We are all engaged in the pursuit of pleasure, and this leads us to wanting more, excesses and dis-satisfaction. Every day is spent in seeking excitement and challenge. However what happens is that we develop a void in our lives, and we experience negativity in all its aspects. For many a short cut is consumption and abuse of stimulants. We want to chase the boredom away. What is the solution? How do we handle this ennui, and we have to face reality.

Illness, disease and death are real for all of us. It is not by becoming a consumer of more thrills, can we escape the anger, envy, delusion, sorrow and passion. We have to go through joy and sorrow, love and hate, pleasure and pain. How do we overcome this? There is so much to complain in life. I will not elaborate on it. The newspapers and TV channels are doing it for us. We can change our perception of life gradually.

Practice Anuloma Viloma

Visualize your breath flowing in and out of the left nostril. Count backwards from 54 to 1. Now visualize the breath flowing in and out of the right nostril. Same counting. Last visualize the breath going in and out of both nostril. The breath meets at the eyebrow centre, and descends from there through both nostrils. Same counting. What is happening here is that you are unblocking your left and right nostrils. Remember that you are counting your breath and visualising the breath going in and out of each nostril and then through both nostrils. This simple practice unblocks your nostrils, and permits the prana to flow with your breath. And when you are breathing through both nostrils, your chakras are activated, your tattvas are purified. It is a simultaneous process. The keys are awareness, visualization, concentration and detachment. The outcome is that you are on the path of Sattva, which leads to positive thinking. You are critical but you are constructive in your opinions and work. Of course the greatest joy is that you are receptive to the beauty around you in all things.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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