064 – How to remove fear in children

Children can have many fears. Sometimes they cannot express them. The fears can lead to temper tantrums, unreasonable behaviour, nightmares, distractedness and so on. A very simple way of enabling children to be fearless is by teaching them Shashankha Asana. It is a very easy pose and all kids love it.

It is also called the moon or hare pose. It is the pose which is used in the temple or mosque. This pose works on the adrenal glands. By regulating the secretion of adrenalin, one can help the child to overcome hostile and irrational fears. It also helps the child to relax. It works on fear of the dark, bed wetting, being afraid of going to the bathroom at night, ghosts etc. Making the child practice for a couple of minutes before bedtime would be advantageous. It is also very helpful for headaches, asthma and menstrual cramps.

Adding to this teach the child to visualize his/her breath going in and out of the nostril. Children love to do this and it quietens them very quickly. You can even ask them to see a blue light, going in and out through the left nostril, and a red light going through the right nostril. After a while ask them to visualize a golden light flowing through both nostrils.

Aim Hrim Klim

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