079 – I am a very sensitive person

I have heard so many people say that they are very sensitive, emotional and are hurt easily. The conversation is about them and not anyone else. I remember when we had a break in in our house. My friends and acquaintances came to console me. It was horrible as our children were only four years old and it was a sense of violation. The thieves had spent several hours sorting out what they wanted. Our dog, cat and us, slept through it. Next morning we found our back door open and everything strewn.

Coming back to my visitors, they expressed great concern and said that they would check their houses at night, lock up properly and how terrified they were. Not one commiserated with us and our sons, who were having nightmares, after this event. I realised that we have to be conscious about the feelings of others and not only think about ourselves.

I have done a lot of counselling in the area of illnesses. Persons when they visit a sick person immediately project the illness on themselves. They even say that they must get themselves checked up, what if they have cancer or a heart problem. They are not thinking about the person who is ill, whom they are visiting. Awareness is very essential for our spiritual growth, and we must be sensitive, and caring about others. Keep in mind by being hurtful to others we are hurting ourselves. Always see your reflection in others.

Hatred pollutes

Swamiji said that emotions make the senses behave in an unruly manner. Sensitivity causes the mind to miss judgement. Brooding destroys hard earned self-confidence. Hatred pollutes the inner temple. Passions of all kinds persuade the mortal to undertake indiscriminate and feverish actions. Blessed be that man who has turned his gaze, withdrawn his senses, dedicated his heart and started meditation.

Aim Hrim Klim


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