087 – What is the purpose of Karma Yoga

The objective of Karma Yoga is to create a stable base for the mind. In meditation, the mind has to remain constantly on one object. However if one practices without purifying the mind, then feelings of tamasa (laziness, self-indulgence and self-absorption) dominate. Karma Yoga is an essential and vital part of one’s spiritual growth, because one is governed by one’s passions and desires. If one’s desires were eliminated one’s development would be obstructed. Desires must not be suppressed. One has to fulfil them or realize their emptiness. By curbing one’s desire, one is stunting one’s growth.

If one wishes to have a family, s/he must have a job, a home and other things. So an unguided mind is kept busy with all these ambitions and wants. These lead to creation of karmas as one’s nature is feeding these needs and therefore nature has created karma. It is written in the Gita, that every action produces threefold reactions: desire, aversion, and a mixture of both. If one receives a gift, which awant, then one is cross. If one received a gift which one liked and disliked, then the feelings are mixed. Negative emotions cause anger, envy, frustration, etc. One’s personality is affected by the karma and therefore one’s behaviour. Now one has to find a way of creating karma, so that the one is unaffected by it. As persons who wish to evolve, one has to transform one’s daily karma into karma yoga. Be joyous and neutral when working. Change one’s attitude, do not be bored with one’s work. Accept it as a duty for serving others. However if one thinks of only one’s material progress then the work becomes exacting and tedious.

Act for others

It is easier to work for others than for oneself, this is the secret of Karma Yoga. Very few understand this and are able to apply it. This is the difference between karma and karma yoga. One creates karmas when one acts thinking of oneself only. When one acts for others, then the mind is freed and one experiences the benefit of karma yoga. Karma Yoga is an absolute essential part of one’s life. One is active all the time, and it is leading to creation of karmas. Therefore one dedicates oneself to giving one’s best for others. It results in enjoying a life of freedom, simplicity and bliss. People are drawn to such an individual.

Swamiji spoke about the role of Karma in 1980 in Bogota. It is given in a nutshell so that one can emulate these teachings. The understanding of Karma is so complex. The word is used freely by all. One can absorb the sayings by being a witness. Not allowing negativity to creep into one’s awareness. Whatever response one makes, it is neutral. Please try it.

Aim Hrim Klim


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