088 – Why are we distressed and frustrated in the times of the Corona Virus

The meaning of Corona is rings of coloured light surrounding the luminous source, usually the moon or the sun. These rings are strikingly coloured. The classic corona consists of a bright aureole, bluish in the center and brownish on the periphery, surrounded by one or more rings of lesser intensity that are bluish on the inside and red on the outside passing through green and sometimes yellow on the way. Usually one ring is visible, but up to three rings have been observed. It is a breathtaking sight.

And now look at this Corona Virus. The name brings up fear in us. Many persons have not left their homes. They are so terrified of it. Loved ones have died. Corona virus does not discriminate. How can we be brave?

First step. We can by being vaccinated. No one is invulnerable. We must wear masks and observe the rules for preventing transmission. I have always thought of it as a nasty virus but the word corona for me conjures the rings round the sun and moon. Corona virus has divided us and made us angry and helpless. I find that people have short fuses and are becoming intolerant and impatient.

My experience in Germany

On account of my spinal surgery, I have to use a wheel chair at the airport. I feel dependent and helpless but I have no choice in the matter. We were visiting our son in Germany and at Frankfurt airport one had to go through security. The people who checked me were so kind that I had tears in my eyes. They did not speak but expressed concern on their face. This is an example of Atma Bhava of feeling for the person in front of you. And of course because they are security, they are afraid I am sure as they are exposed, even though all of us are vaccinated and so are they.

Now we must attend to how do we do stop our thoughts from harassing us? Coming back to the virus epidemic, many persons have lost their jobs, and there have been losses for most people. After Corona infection, some have lost their sense of smell and taste, and many other symptoms like fatigue and depression are there also. So now what should we do, we have to approach our thoughts in a neutral manner. The thought can become embedded in our mind, it is persistent and nagging. However if we watch the thought and remain a witness, it does not impact us. It will become weary and weak; it will cease to disturb us. So do not let your emotions and feelings come into play, just watch it with indifference.

The practise

It is not easy so before thought harassment starts, become aware of your breath. Visualize the breath going in through the left nostril and coming out of the right nostril. Now watch the breath going in through the right nostril and coming out of the left nostril. This is one round. Repeat 54 times. This practice is called Anuloma Viloma, which means in and out and up and down. You can control your breath and by doing this, you will see that your thoughts are becoming frail and fatigued. You will have a sense of achievement as you will feel aware and strong about yourself. Visualize the corona of the sun and moon. See the beauty around you.

Aim Hrim Klim


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