095 – How to be free of Jealousy

Jealousy is a feeling which is corrosive and can consume us. Envy, greed and possessiveness can make us bitter. Jealousy has no respect for anyone. It can spring up in our mind anytime and then it governs our behaviour. It manifests itself into spite and criticism. Now how do we handle this.

When negative thoughts about others spring up, see yourself reflecting these selfsame thoughts. What you see, is unpleasant and you do not want to bathe yourself in this light. This is the quickest way to rid yourself of this feeling of envy and jealousy. We say she turned green with envy and jealousy. The colour of jealousy dates back to the ancient Greeks. They believed jealousy occurred as a result of the overproduction of bile, which turned the human skin green. Bile has a bitter, sour taste and the colour is greenish yellow. It is unpleasant to behold.

Since I am a psychologist and a Yoga teacher, I have always watched peoples’ expression when they comment on others. One can be neutral and criticize constructively or be vindictive. Note the expression of people and you will want to change yourself. Always remember that jealousy will add to our karma. Of course, we are not perfect but we can become of our breath and count our breaths before judging.

Aim Hrim Klim


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