098 – Why are we intolerant about young people

Why are we criticizing the young all the time? One of the major factors is that Covid has made us judgemental and irrational. Whenever I meet people, their favorite subject is that the youth are behaving so irresponsibly and carelessly. Our main concern is that they may infect us. We forget our own youth.

We never had the experience of wearing masks all the time. We were not house bound and we could not meet our friends. Young persons want to enjoy life. They want to look attractive, they want appreciation and they want to meet their friends. I am reprimanded by my family and friends when I defend the young. If the young people started behaving with maturity and wisdom, they would lose their freshness and charm. They would become like us, boring. They do listen but if they are scolded and accused of spreading Covid, they become cussed.

My colleague came to see me today and she was weeping her heart out as her daughter has run away and got married. She was so upset that she had to be hospitalized. She was trembling with rage and she said that I wish she had died. I heard her out and what I heard was her loss of face. She did not want her to marry this man and she felt thwarted. I explained that her daughter was in love with the man and they had refused to let her marry him. However her daughter had turned twenty one and the only wrong that she had done was not informing them.

It’s not about you, it’s about them

I know that it is very hard for us to understand when something is personal but we have to put ourselves in the others’ shoes. We cannot think of ourselves all the time and what our friends and neighbours will think. We have to also think how our support will help the young. I remember when my son had his ear pierced. My husband was so angry. I supported him and defended him in the family. I gave him a diamond to wear. After a couple of years, he took it off. Young people have to express themselves and the only way to do that is to listen to them and remember it is not about you, it is about them. Always keep atmabhava in your awareness.

Aim Hrim Klim


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