119 – What is the purpose of our birth

My Guru, Swami Satyanananda Saraswati said “God has created you, so that you may find him within your heart, deep within yourself, beyond the body consciousness, beyond the mental consciousness, beyond the intellectual consciousness. Beyond all forms of consciousness of which you become conscious, there is a consciousness called Brahman… hidden in you.”

In order to understand it clearly, we have to read what Swami Sivanananda said. He said that if we want to realize god, we have to change ourselves. It will not happen if we remain unchanged. We have to remove the cataract from our eyes and then we will see the light. We have to be aware of the tragedy in the life of others. And then we can experience Brahman or the lord. A compassionate and empathetic heart attains knowledge, untinged by selfishness. The more removed we are from suffering and sorrow, the harder it is for us to get in touch with our soul, which resides in our heart and which is our Brahman.

Currently most of us are involved with the epidemic. It is true that it has affected our lives deeply. People have suffered from it and loved ones have lost their lives. However that does not mean that we should lose our compassion for others. We can all get infected despite the vaccinations and booster. Many of us have co-morbidities and have to be careful.

Selfishness makes life difficult

Yet we can think about others and not be fearful that we will be infected. Precautions have to be taken. Mask wearing is essential. People have adopted pets and then found that it was too hard to take care of them. They have abandoned them. It is happening everywhere. Small acts of selfishness make life difficult for not only others but for the person who is petty and mean.

Now the year is ending, and we need to connect with ourselves and others also. Our world is a huge place and it does not end with our family. See God everywhere. Preserve the environment, conserve energy (water, electricity, fuel, food) and share. You will connect with Brahman.

Aim Hrim Klim


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