120 – The favourite food of the Gods

Ganesha’s favourite food is modak which are dumplings made from rice flour, stuffed with coconut and jaggery. The reason why it is considered so special is because it was first offered to Shiva and Parvati by the junior gods. It was said that if this special offering was consumed by anyone, he would have the power of understanding the scriptures and be master of all knowledge. Parvati being a mother wanted both her sons to have it. However they refused to share it. They were given a task and whoever completed the task, first that person would get the modak. The task was to travel around the universe three times and whoever came first would partake of this magical modak. Kartik took off on his peacock. Ganesha went around his parents three times as he considered them to be his centre of the universe. Well he partook of it. He also loves ladoos.


Goddess Durga is offered khichdi and sweet tomatoe chutney. The story is that after Goddess Durga awakened her powers to defeat the wicked demon, Mahishasura, she descended to earth mounted on a lion and decided to visit her parents. Also Narayana, known as Vishnu, said that the mother must be offered kheer, a sweet dish which is made from thickened milk and rice. During Durga puja in some parts of India, animal sacrifice is offered as it is believed that this will make her destroy all evil.


Goddess Lakshmi visits our homes on Diwali, the festival of lights. She represents wealth, good fortune and harmony. We must clean our homes, light lamps and she is delighted to bless us. Her favourite is anything to do with rice and so it rice is kheer or sweet rice pancakes.

Vishnu and Krishna

Lord Vishnu loves yellow food. He also likes large raisins called munakka, honey, chick pea dal and bananas.

Lord Krishna is called a butter thief. The story goes that after eating all the butter in his home, he would eat the butter in everyone elses’ home by breaking the butter pot. Nobody got mad with him as one day when his mother after finding all her butter gone, said to him, “Open your mouth.” Which he did and she saw the universe. She was expecting to find the residual butter. A day after Diwali, a special spread of food is made. There are 56 dishes cooked. The day is called Govardhan puja, and it is celebrated because Krishna lifted the mount Govardhan and saved his village from the anger of Indra.

Lord Shiva is the easiest to please. He loves milk and any dish made from milk is fine for him. He is also offered intoxicants when he is worshipped in the form of Bhairava Baba. Sundays is the day and there is a long line of people waiting for the prashada.

Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning loves fresh fruits. She also likes flattened rice and curd.

Maa Kali is a vegetarian and she is also rice lover. Khichdi and kheer are her favourites.

Hanuman loves all things red. One day he saw Sita applying sindoor in her parting. He asked her why and she replied that she was a wife. Hanuman immediately applied red sindoor over his whole body as he loved Rama so much. He likes red lentils, pomegranates and yellow bundi ladoos.

I hope you enjoy the description of what the Gods like.

Aim Hrim Klim


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