134 – How to handle disappointments

I tell myself that it will all pass and look at my surroundings and smell my organic coffee every day. Yesterday our son and his family who live in USA, wrote to say that the airlines they were coming on had cancelled that particular flight. They were looking for alternate flights. We have not seen them for two years. Yes, we zoom and talk often. We know what is happening in their lives and what they eat. I was very disappointed and told myself that what has to be will be.

We visited our other son who also lives abroad in Germany. He had to have a surgery and we felt that we must be there. We got an emergency visa and we were there. We saw our son and his family. I gave my son and his family kisses every day and hugged my grandkids daily. I had not done this for two years. Then after our visit ended we had to catch our flight. At the airport we were told that we had to have a RT-PCR test. We had been double vaccinated in India and no one told us about this. We spent 460 euros for the test. My husband’s report came and mine was delayed. I thought that I had Covid as it was taking so long. It arrived two hours later and we missed our flight. No connection and our visa were date to date. It is an unnerving feeling to be without a visa.

Fortunately, we had done our ticketing through a travel agent, and he started looking for tickets for that same day. He managed and of course it cost us a lot of money as we had lost our other ticket. We had to drive to Frankfurt and there the staff were very good to us. I was in a wheel chair because I have had a spinal surgery. They were very gentle and then we got onto the flight.

Then I wanted to visit my family. My brother and sister do not keep well. There was a window when we thought all was well in the covid world. I took a flight and at the airport, waiting at the gate I sat down on a vacant chair. The lady said something. I could not follow her. I sat down as I cannot stand for too long. Her husband returned and he asked me to get up. I refused and said that it was no way to speak to a senior citizen. I am 72 and he must have been 68. He then said that he would report me and have me offloaded as I was sitting on a chair which was marked with a cross. I replied that I would not get up and then he called me illiterate and backward. I told him to hush and then another woman who was I think mentally unhinged also started shouting at me, telling me to get up.

In the meanwhile, several women spoke up and told him to stop harassing me. I was not afraid or upset but was shocked at the violence in the man’s voice. Also, I was alone. I stood my ground. He pretended to make a call to someone loudly accusing me of being uneducated. I just said hush, again as I know it enrages people. Anyway I got on the flight and I had a good visit. All I can say is that I have felt spiritually strong and fearless. I tell myself that whatever happens will be for the best. It takes a great deal of determination and of course I miss all the plans one made.

I pray daily and ask the Goddess to enable the universe and her needy disciples. I also feel joy in the sighting of a lizard, a dragon fly or a noisy bird. And of course, my outside cats who are determined to stay the centre of my attention once they sight me. Listening to my chants in the morning, lighting the incense sticks and lighting the oil diffuser in the evening makes a difference. The range of oils available is incredible. You have frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot, and many others. Try it, please and take care. Disappointments are a part of our lives.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

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