140 – Fragrance, flavour and memories

Walk along memory lane and think of all the flavours and fragrances you have experienced. Each of the sensations of piquancy and poignancy are perceived in your nose, mouth, and throat. The citrus fruits from the family Rutaceae are also known as the rue family and contain flowering plants that have a strong scent. These fruits have been cultivated since ancient times.

Lemons have a fragrance which is light, summery, and sour. Lemon juice with honey in hot water makes a cold go away. Lemon juice with powdered sugar and iced water on a hot day makes one refreshed. Cakes and pies with lemon zest make us want a slice. Bergamot is a lemon shaped pear and is used for flavouring in tea and as an essential oil. Mandarin oranges are syrupy sweet and have an orange smell. It depends which country you are in.

Citrus fruits

The citrus fruits are summer fruits in Europe and America. In South Asia they are winter fruit. What unites us all is the colour of the fruit. Orange, yellow and green-yellow are beautiful colours. Holding one of these fruits in your hand is a pleasure. The flowers of the citrus plants are also fragrant. A tea is made of them. I can keep writing about all the wonderful things that happen with lemon and oranges, and we will be thinking of the taste, smell and experience. Lime juice with warm water removes nausea.

Ginger for flavour and taste

A city in the Ramayana was named after Ginger and in 200 BC, this city was the capital of the ginger trade. Ginger is used to add flavour and taste. It also has medicinal properties. Its aroma is pleasant and spicy. We add it in our food, desserts, sweets and also have it as a digestive. Comes Christmas, ginger cookies, ginger bread, and other ginger preparations are made.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper all are fragrant and bring a bouquet of memories. Each one can be used alone or together. If you open a box and smell the spices, you will get a whiff of memories combined with fragrance and flavour.

In the Taittiriya Upanishads, it is written:

From This arose Space;
From Space, Wind;
From Wind, Fire;
From Fire, Water;
From Water, Earth;
From Earth, Plants;
From Plants, Nutriment;
From Nutriment, Man.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Wouter Meijering on Unsplash

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