143 – The effect of water element on our own abode

The water element and the swadhishthana chakra are closely connected. This element is associated with passion, and has four qualities, sound, touch, form, and taste. The swadhishthana (one’s own abode) chakra works on our creativity, fantasy, jealousy, and sexuality. It also works on all our fluids, from the sperm to menstrual blood. We are working on our prana, balancing it so that it can clear our water element and chakra.

Part 2 of anuloma viloma

Pranayama is the only way that we can proceed. We will practice part 2 of anuloma viloma pranayama. This is Part 1 of anuloma viloma. We will now visualise our breath with prana going in through our left nostril, coming out of our right nostril, going in through our right nostril and coming out of our left nostril. This is one round. Five rounds will make a set.

Then we will practice one round, visualising the breath flowing in through both nostrils and coming out of both nostrils. 20 sets are to be performed, after each set, you inhale through both nostrils. Now we use the mantra of our choice. We stay with the counting with no errors. What is happening is that we are engaged in a neutral activity.

So unconsciously we are working on our feelings of negativity and also our aspirations. We must keep in mind that there is instability as water keeps moving, and the moon is waxing and waning. We are able to control our fears and unconscious impressions. It is a simultaneous sadhana as when purification takes place, these feeling stop colouring our thought process. Since the swadhishthana chakra also works on our feelings of hedonism, we can succumb to addictions. There are rewards also as we see in the case of Rock Stars and musicians.

However, these cannot be permanent as chemical stimulation is required for them to be productive. Sadness and angst also influence us and by clearing the assumptions it is possible to be on a path guided by our effulgent prana. We do not have to have any mental pictures or apprehensions. We are just practicing our sadhana. Keep the image of the lotus in mind. The lotus grows from the soil in the lake and yet it does not have a splash of dirt on it, or on it leaves.

Aim Hrim Klim


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