189 – Who was Swami Sivananda’s Guru

Thursday is the day of the Guru. I asked myself this question, as must so many of you, “Who was Swami Sivananda’s Guru?” Swami Sivananda received mantra diksha from Paramahamsa Viswanananda Saraswati, on the banks of the Ganga on 1st June,1924. Swami Sivananda was in quest of a Guru.

He prayed to the lord for his Grace. He met many other students, who said that they did not need a guru. God was their guru. Then when they were faced with difficulties, they were bewildered and they were like lost souls. A personal Guru according to Swami Sivananda is necessary. Only the Guru can guide us on the path to be one with God, who is the creator of all Gurus. The Guru protects us from the obstacles which confront us as we walk fearlessly on the spiritual trajectory. We also are able to understand the wisdom of the sages through our Guru’s guidance. Spiritual awareness and liberation requires our faith and diligence in the teachings of the Guru, the shastras, sankalp, intense daily sadhana.

Swami Sivananda said that if we did not have a Guru, then we should pray to Shiva, Krishna, Rama or Christ as our Guru. We must meditate on Him, sing His name, and pray to Him and He will send us a suitable Guru. Until then be aware, detached and neutral and chant So Ham with breath awareness.

Aim Hrim Klim


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