Why to practice in an Ashram

What are Yoga Ashrams good for? What can you expect to experience in a Yoga Ashram? Why can you make so good progress when living in an Ashram? Leela Mata, Yoga Master in Peaceful Valley Ashram Pennsylvania http://www.leelamata.com speaks about the spiritual Meaning of Ashram Practice. Leela Mata gives Seminars in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany regularly http://y-v.de/leela-mata



What is Tantra? What is the Meaning of Tantra? Which types of Tantra do exist?
Important questions – here a few answers:

What is Tantra?
– Tantra is a name for a group of spiritual traditions which worship the Divine in its Female Aspects
– Tantra works with energies and experience
– In Tantra everything is Divine
– In Tantra everything can be transformed into spirituality

What is the Meaning/Goal of Tantra?
– Tantra aims at realizing the Divine
– What Realizing the Divine means, is different in different Tantra Traditions

What Types of Tantra do exist?
white, red and black tantra:
– In White Tantra the Goal is Oneness with the Divine
– Red Tantra uses sexual and emotional techniques, is usually pleasure-oriented, but can also be directed towwards spritualising sex and emotions
– Black Tantra means energy techniques for power and money

Lefthanded and righthanded Tantra:
– Righthanded Tantra uses socially accepted techniques
– Lefthanded Tantra uses techniques which are in conflict to accepted social values and customs

Yoga Nidra – Nalini explains

The deep relaxation technique Yoga Nidra relaxes body, mind and spirit. Dr. Nalini explains in this short Yoga Podcast what Yoga Nidra is, how it works and how it developed from the Tantras. She speaks about her spiritual Master and Teacher, Shri Paramahamsa Satyananda, founder of Bihar School of Yoga. She talks about the different stages of the practice of Yoga Nidra. Dr. Nalini has been teaching Yoga for the last 30 years. Now she is teaching others how to teach Yoga Nidra, in Yoga Vidya Ashrams and Centers in Germany.


Vedanta – its Meaning and Teaching

Sukadev asks a question: What is Vedanta? Leela Mata speaks in this Yoga Podcast about Vedanta in a nutshell. Vedanta is the Philosophy of the Absolute. It is the Philosophy that claims absolute Oneness. You reach the Supreme by practicing all aspects of Yoga.  Recording from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany . This podcast is the Soundtrack of a Yoga Video.


What is Trantra? Nalini Explains

There are many misconceptions and many different explanations about Tantra. Dr. Nalini speaks about Tantra and Tantra practices. She says: Tantra is expansion and liberation of the soul and the mind. Dr. Nalini is a disciple of Paramahamsa Satyananada of the Bihar School of Yoga. Nalini is teaching Tantra Meditation and other Tantra Practices. in India and Germany. This Yoga Podcast is part of an Interview at Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany were Nalini is giving Training Courses in Tantra practices regularly.