221 – Prana and its understanding from the Atharvvedas

What is prana? Prana is the symbol of the cosmic breath (Mahaprana) in our body. Mahaprana works both inside and outside in the universe and in our body. Prana performs its functions in the universe and in our body. During the existence of the universe, it functions. When there is pralaya (destruction) of the universe, it ceases to function. Wise persons call the air pervading in the firmament, prana. Our past and present are based on this prana and on it depends everything.

Prayers to prana are “I praise the glory of prana, the cosmo-physical vitality for its roar, for its thunder peal and lightning. I accept the importance of prana for bringing rain on earth.” This very prana enters the human embryo in the third month and in the functioning of the organs. This very prana is the one which existed in the past, it exists in the present and shall exist in the future. As the father’s sperm and the mother’s ova create the fetus, it is at the dictate of the prana: Atharvveda.

In this Vedic mantra, the human body is described as vedi, a special place of abode and it is stated that the body should be properly maintained, so that the prana remains healthy. Healthy prana is essential for the soul to accomplish its goal of salvation. It is only possible to attain spirituality by having a healthy body and powerful prana.

In our body, our vital breath performs two functions – it imparts vitality and expels all the negative energy and matter. The breath that gives vitality is called Vasu and the one that gives a boost to the senses to function is called Mitra. God is the benefactor of both pranas and we foolish people think that we can control our prana. It is our supreme duty to attend to our prana and make it healthy, in order to have a spiritual life.

What is our understanding of these ancient mantras? We have to energize our prana? How is this accomplished? We have to quieten our mind. The first step is to be aware of our breath.

Practice breath awareness

Visualize your breath going in and out of your nostrils. Next visualize the prana in your breath, while inhaling. Now count your breath backwards from 54 to 0. Make no errors. If you do you have to start again. This simple practice will revitalize your prana and at this time, you are not engaging with your thoughts. Your prana can now perform its normal functions.

Aim Hrim Klim


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