249 – Expressions of beauty and joy

Beauty and joy go hand in hand. Look around you. The birds are chirruping, there are flowers in the gardens, bees are humming and wasps are buzzing. What do you see?

Your visual and auditory perceptions observe the spectacular brilliance around you. Are you irritated with the colors and sounds of nature? Do you only see the snails and the slugs, leaving a sticky trail behind? Observe the expression in a plain face, do you see the sparkle of innocence, intellect, or humor? In the window of a confectionary, does the fragrance and appearance of the cakes, sweets, and savories, bring back pleasant recollections? Are you only thinking how fattening and wrong they are, and have you forgotten the taste and smell?

Stroking an animal, giving it a tickle under the chin, a back rub and seeing its beatific expression. Are you thinking how good it makes you both feel? Or are you thinking that I must wash my hands, what a dirty animal?

These are our five senses in play, and they make us aware of the joy and beauty around us. These same senses influence our thoughts and convert them into positive abstractions.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Ruth Georgiev on Unsplash

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