251 – What kind of lifestyle am I seeking?

  1. Non-violence, the practice of ahimsa will lead to a flow of compassion in us.
  2. Truthfulness, the virtue of Satya will lead to love of mankind.
  3. Non-possessiveness, the quality of aparigraha will create a sense of innocence and simplicity.
  4. Atmabhava, love of our fellow humans without prejudice.
  5. Love, serve, give.

A yogic lifestyle comprises these qualities and is also a philosophy of life. What is interesting is that the practice of even one of these qualities will lead to the inclusion of the others. The effort we put into our daily sadhana also enables us to pursue this philosophy. Action and inaction are two sides of a coin, according to Krishna. Meditation is action and silence is also an action. Passivity is also an action. There is no such thing as inaction. We are always making an effort, whether we are sitting with our eyes closed or watching nature. Our senses and mind are involved. Life is a continuous karma comprising activity and inactivity, and the connection is the sadhana, the motivation and willingness to act.

Swami Sivananda preached love, serve, and give. Let us include this precept in our daily life. Start with the pranayama practice of breath awareness, counting your inhalation and exhalation backwards from 54 to 0. This is a neutral activity. We can learn to be detached and concerned about others. It is about others, and not about us. The secret is that we are not letting our thoughts dictate to us. We become care free and fearless.

Aim Hrim Klim


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