258 – Let us dry the tears of Mother Earth

We have to make Mother Earth happy. We have made her unhappy and it is leading to our annihilation. If only all of us collectively stepped back and self-examined our thoughts and emotions, we will be surprised at the despair accumulated in us. It is this desolation and sadness which is leading to war, terrorism and brutalism.

In the Gita, Krishna speaks to Arjun about himself. He says that he is manifest in all worldly manifestations including flora and fauna. He is Ashvattha, the pipal among trees, Airvrat among elephants, Vasuki in snakes, Anant in cobras, Simha in animals, Garuda in birds, the Ganga in rivers, Meru in mountains, and sagar, ocean in all water bodies. We are destroying our forests, poisoning our rivers, killing our animals and the earth is being inundated with plastic, chemical effluence, and toxins. We have no respect for nature and she is dying.

We have forgotten the existence of Brahman

Our only way is to take cognizance of what we are doing. We have to join hands collectively, and offer prayers as was done in the Vedic Age. The prayers were not placatory, they were asking for realistic fulfillment of their dreams. Given below is the translation of a popular Shanti mantra recited before and after prayers. A shanti mantra is a prayer, a chant for peace. The shanti mantra is chanted to calm the mind of the reciter and the nature around him/her.

Traditionally a shanti mantra ends with chanting of three shantis, which remove obstacles and clear the three realities, physical, internal and divine. The significance of the shanti mantra is that we are looking at three fires which scorch us.

The first is the tumult which exists within us at the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The second is the disruption and unease inflicted by others upon us. The third is the impact of natural calamities over which we have no influence. The third is

May harmony transmit there in the entire sky just as in the tremendous ethereal space all over the space.
May harmony rule all over this world, in water, and in all herbs and creepers.
May harmony stream over the entire universe .May harmony be in the Supreme Being, Brahman.
Also may there consistently exist in all harmony and harmony alone.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

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