262 – Mother Ganga

A couple of days ago I attended the Ganga arati in Varanasi. It was an experience of a lifetime. Nobody was pushing and every one’s eyes were open with avid adoration and devotion. Hands joined in the prayer pose (Namaste). Of course, hands unjoined to take photos with their phones. There was no chatter, we all watched with love and fervor for Ma Ganga, the river which washes our karmas away.

Swami Sivananda’s ode to Ma Ganga is Mother, who bestows seen and unseen powers on one who craves her grace. Mother who inspires and guides one and who the feeds the fish.

One bathes in the river and one’s sins are washed away. In the Arati, one offers lights, salutations and sings her glories and mantras. Ganga nourishes one, comforts one and is the giver of life, light and love. One must adore her with self-restraint and equal vision. Sing Ma Ganga’s name and may she bless one and all.

Aim Hrim Klim


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