275 – Idioms and their use in our daily life

What is the reason behind using these idioms? The idea is that we understand what they are about and how we can appreciate their wisdom.

  1. Grin and bear it.
  2. Bitter pill to swallow.
  3. Take something by the throat.
  4. Put a good face on.
  5. Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

What is fascinating is that they are referring or hinting at optimism. They are also stating do not keep a grudge. Do not become affected by it. So we come to my favorite subject. We must not let our thoughts overtake our thinking. If we allow the thoughts to have a free reign, then we are going to let the issue fester.

Details about these idioms

1. Grin and bear it. When people tell us to grin and bear it, they are not being offensive to us. We must accept the remark at face value. It simply means that one cannot change the situation. However one can change one’s thinking process and this is the yogic method. Do not engage with the event or person. Be neutral in your response.

2. A bitter pill to swallow is a humiliation that is difficult to endure. Again when we apply our yogic method, we address the humiliation and view it in a constructive manner. This is attempted by viewing the problem in Antar Mouna (Inner Silence) and seeing how to rectify the situation. One does not let it overwhelm one.

3. Take something by the throat. It means to approach and confront a difficult situation with clarity and confidence. The application of Antar Mouna would be very effective as one would have restored detachment and neutrality in one’s attitude.

4. Put a good face on. It means to behave as if a difficult situation is not as grim as it is. This is a difficult one but one can work on the balancing pranayama, which will balance one’s prana and the anxiety level will become manageable. The balancing pranayama is the samvrit pranayama; one breathes to the count of five, hold the breath to the count of five, exhales to the count of ten, if possible and holds the breath to the count of ten. Practice 27 times. What happens here is that with the exhalation, one’s fears and distress are reduced. Also one accepts the situation as it is and behaves proactively.

5. Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. It is a Chinese proverb, meaning better to attend to the problem than complain about it. The yogic method is to address the problem after reviewing it in the practice of Antar Mouna. One will have a change in one’s approach to the issue and will work on it constructively.

We can treat these idioms superficially, but they have stood the test of time. Applying them with positivity in our lives will benefit us immensely.

Aim Hrim Klim


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