295 – Oh dear, what is my predominant guna?

We have three gunas. Gunas are traits with which each one of us is born with. Tamas is being dull and immovable like a rock. Rajas is being ambitious and egotistical. Sattwa is being rational, and non judgemental.

Tamasic persons eat, drink, and sleep too much. They are lazy and dull. They need a prescription of dynamic asanas and vigorous pranayamas. Please do not be disheartened as all of us have a shade of tamas in us. Do we remember when we binged out on ice cream or got wasted? We could not say no to ourselves.

To restrain ourselves we need a routine.

All gurus insist on a daily practice. However if we find that we feel coerced, we can practice when we want. You will find that a practice after a late night and over indulgence, will refresh you. You will be enabled to go on with your work and will not feel lethargic. This will result in you engaging in a daily sadhana as you are able to bring out the best in yourself. Take small steps. No one is telling you to lead a disciplined life. Your mind and body are gently suggesting to you.

Rajasic individuals are ambitious, and egotistical. They are restless and are always looking ahead. Their minds are a jumble of thoughts, dictated by how to advance in every aspect of their life. We are told that to be type A is great for us. Everyone wants to be an aggressive person and succeed professionally. Type B is considered passive and not successful.

However this is a black and white view of life. We have to be a combination of Type A and Type B. Assertive and non-judgemental. What is the prescription for such people? They sound very effective and successful. Rajasic persons suffer from every kind of stress. They have uneasy sleep, problems with their digestive system and though they maybe exercising regularly, they do not feel comfortable in their skin.

They impose discipline on themselves and have high standards. They need to practice Antar Mouna (Inner Silence). Antar Mouna is listening to the sounds outside and around one. One does not identify who or what is making the sound. One listens to the faintest and loudest sounds. Then one shifts one’s awareness to internal awareness and listen to the sound of one’s breath.

Back and forth the awareness goes, external when one listens to the sounds, internal, when listens to the sound of one’s breath. For those who are dominated by the rajasic guna, they need to quieten their minds. Thought entanglement reduces and one is influenced by feelings of concern and empathy for others.

Sattvic state of mind is when one is flooded with atma bhava (love for others), detachment and awareness. A sattvic state is accomplished by practicing karma yoga, working without expectation of reward and putting one’s best foot forward. It is not too difficult to be on this path. Enjoy your work, do not be governed by your thoughts and be moderate in your habits.

We are a combination of tamas, rajas and sattva. Self-awareness enables us to restore balance and harmony in our life. We are able to enjoy our day to day living, and are guided by our sattva guna.

Aim Hrim Klim


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