304 – God is our mother and father

The chant Tvameva Matas cha Pita twameva means that God is our mother and therefore our father also. According to Tantra, Matra Shakti or mother energy is the first creator. She is known as Shakti, the primordial energy. When energy is liberated from matter it is called moksha.

In the Shakta tradition, it is said that Shakti is the nucleus within us, not just of our mind but of our soul. She has no fixed form but is manifest in a myriad of incarnations, and vibrations and in the formless state. We see her in all her glory, and we see her as Kundalini shakti. She is seen as the sole power in our body residing in the Mooladhara chakra.

In Saundarya Lahiri, the first verse states, “Without Shakti, even Shiva is ineffective.” Devi is our mother; we are her children and therefore she is our father also.

Reference: Satyananda Yoga

Aim Hrim Klim


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