343 – How can I discipline myself?

We all want to be self-disciplined, and we wish to remain like that. It is not easy, because our understanding of the word discipline is often a misunderstanding. We think by following a pattern, we are engaged in a joyless life. Indisciplined kids, has been used to describe many of us as children and it meant that we should be punished.

According to Swami Niranjanananda the only way to practice self-discipline is through the sadhana of Yoga. Yoga means disciplined activity in one of the 884 definitions in the Mahabharata. It is a form of discipline which makes us aware of every action and reaction on the gross, material, and external plane. It also affects us on the spiritual and internal plane.

Dedication to the daily routine of asana, pranayama, relaxation, and centering of the mind enables us to remain focused. The requirement is only thirty minutes daily.

Self-observation is essential, and to be aware of the entire activities one is engaged in. The outcome is that one becomes a witness and is not involved in the daily affairs. They are essential actions which have to be performed, without judgement and rancor. Once one is able to separate oneself from this situation, then it becomes a yogic discipline.

Now we can express ourselves with clarity and develop a high level of self-understanding. We also are able to appreciate others and ourselves.

In these troubled times, it is vital that we attend to ourselves, and the quickest method is through Yoga sadhana and self-awareness. All Gurus recommend a routine and what does a routine do, it enhances our neutrality and wellbeing.

Aim Hrim Klim

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