344 – An awesome stress buster

What should I do if I am consumed by disquiet? Do thoughts like ‘will I get Covid again’, or ‘am I suffering from the aftermath of Covid’, or ‘is something wrong with me’ bother me? There are many thoughts which can create a situation where one can start feeling helpless and be full of doubts.

Parental concerns, and over apprehension about familial issues are causes. Waiting at a hospital, when a loved one has gone for surgery or a procedure, can be stressful. I am also aware that parents of adolescents can be anxious and distraught, when they do not answer their phones, or the phones are switched off or they have not yet come back home after a party. One has to help oneself and talking about it is not the solution.

The practise of breath flowing

What is very effective is to become aware of one’s breath flowing in and out of the left nostril and then become aware of the breath flowing in and out of the right nostril. Repeat it and one can add Aum or So Ham. It can be spoken allowed or mentally. Do it with counting backwards from 27, 27 in, and 27 out, for the left nostril, and then start with the right nostril, 27 times, and repeat the process. One can increase the numbers to 54 or 108. What is important is if an error is made then one has to start again. It works and removes one’s fears and restlessness.

It can also be given to children and it can be introduced as a game. Visualize blue light going in and out through the left nostril and red light through going in and out the right nostril and then visualize violet light going in and out of both nostrils.

“Stressed spelt backwards is desserts. Coincidence, I think not!” Anonymous.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

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