356 – What 10 things would I like to do today?

  1. Tell my friends that I care for them. I am there for them.
  2. Tell my parents separately that I appreciate how they have raised me.
  3. Share my cache of chocolates at my workplace.
  4. Give things which have been in my closet for years away.
  5. Take my dog for an extra walk.
  6. Give a surprise gift to someone.
  7. Make a meal and distribute it to the homeless.
  8. Indulge myself, go to a spa, have a massage, and a facial.
  9. Make a change in my lifestyle.
  10. Venerate Mother Earth. She is giving and giving.

The list can go on. All of us must share and give of ourselves. If we can accomplish this in a small way, then we can feel good about ourselves. I am always surprised that the trend is to love oneself and then it is only possible to love others. This view is topsy-turvy, if we appreciate others then there is a sense of overall sense of harmony in us, which manifests itself in our life.

We can make a list dedicated to just ourselves. We can indulge in pampering ourselves, shop till we drop. Then try on all the things that we bought. Does it make us feel great? If we examine ourselves, then we will find that we have a sense of emptiness.

However if we look at others as we look at ourselves, then we will find that we have a sense of wellbeing. If we are not at peace with ourselves, no amount of splurging will make us happy.

Our situation is like the man, who is willing to undergo so many sufferings and threats like the attacking tiger, the snake, the rat that is eating the branch and the stinging scorpion to get just a few drops of honey.

Material happiness is an illusion. Srila Prabhupada said “Material sense gratification, society, friendship and love are compared to a drop of water falling on a desert.”

Follow the Guru’s precept: Love, Serve and Give.

Aim Hrim Klim


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