444 – Grace of the Divine Mother

Kundalini Yoga is the awakening of the kundalini by purifying one’s prana, which in turn purifies one’s breath, which in turn purifies the elements, the nadis and the chakras. Its ultimate goal is the unification of Kundalini Shakti merging with Shiva in Sahasrara during nirvikalpa samadhi.

In this samadhi the ego and samskaras (mental and emotional impressions) dissolve, leaving behind only pure consciousness. It is considered to be a state of being at one with the divine, in which the Atma (the individual self) and Brahman (the universal consciousness) merge. This is real maithuna or blissful union. It is due to the divya bhava or divine disposition. One must rise from the pashu bhava, the animal nature to divya bhava, through satsang, service of guru, renunciation and dispassion, discrimination, japa and meditation practice.

Worship of the Divine mother with intense faith and perfect devotion and self-surrender will help one to attain her grace. Through her grace alone, one can attain knowledge of the imperishable in nirvikalpa samadhi.

Offerings to the Divine Mother

That was why I fed a cat with the food that was to be offered to the Divine Mother. I clearly perceived that the Divine Mother had herself had become everything—even the cat. The manager of the temple garden wrote to the authorities that I had fed the cat with the offerings intended for the Divine Mother. But the authorities had insight into the state of my mind. They wrote back to the manager: “Let him do whatever he likes. You must not say anything to him. (p345) Rama Krishna Parma Hansa.

Rama Krishna Parma Hansa was a devotee of the Divine Mother and he saw her in everything. Even the wicked man he saw in front of the Kali temple, in whom he saw the power of the mother vibrating.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

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