464 – The flame of the lamp

Is it steady or is it wavering? When one meditates with a lighted lamp, it plays a lot of games with one. Sometimes the light whooshes and wavers from side to side, or it consumes the wick. Often one keeps lighting it and it does not light.

I have been through all these experiences and since I cannot use a cigarette lighter, I use matches and use maybe six to seven matches. In my inability to use a lighter, I have learnt that everything in this world is created for right-handed persons and I am left-handed. Of course, left-handed people can use lighters and even the matches when you strike it, it has to be done correctly. Hence the wastage. The wick of the lamp represents our thoughts, which are one’s closest friends.

Now we come to the state of mind that is steady like the flame of a lamp in a windless space, which has given up the idea of meditator and meditation, and which constantly dwells in Brahman is samadhi. Upanishads.

Trataka and breath awareness

There is no windless space here, a waft of breeze will make the flame waver, or even go out. The windless place is in our minds. Lighting an oil lamp is the preliminary sadhana. Chanting the mantra, practicing trataka (gazing at the light) and concentrating on the space between the eyebrows (awakening the ajna chakra) and practicing breath awareness. This is how one get to the windless space, which means one has gained control on one’s thoughts and there is no disruption.

When I write about the flame of the lamp, I am referring to an oil lamp. Please use a lamp, in which you put a wick and then pour oil, (coconut, mustard or sesame) on the wick. Light the wick and meditate.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Ritabrata Das on Unsplash

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