528 – Possessions

Our possessions, what are they? Are we possessive by nature? Do we covet everything, others have? Are we possessive about our loved ones? Do we pride ourselves on our possessions? I am not going to write the list of all the things that we are possessive about.

What Do you own? – Osho

How can you possess in this world? You were not here and the world was here; you will be not here one day and the world is going to be here. How can you claim that “I am the owner?” … And if you are meditative, your whole life will become a sharing.

We allow our possessions to own us. A daily sadhana of Ajapa Japa will help us to learn how to share and to be free of our possessions.

Ajapa Japa means chanting from the heart. The heart is where the soul resides, and the heart is neutral. Our thoughts try to make it biased and prejudiced.

The practice of Ajapa Japa

Close your eyes. Sit still and chant Aum three times. Become aware of your normal spontaneous breath. Now count your breath backwards, from 54 to 0. Next visualize the breath as a streak of light ascending from the navel to the throat, and descending from the navel to the throat. Practice for a few minutes. No effort is required. Just become accustomed to visualizing the breath rising and falling as a silver light. Add So, when you inhale and the breath ascends as a silver light from the navel to the throat and Ham when it descends from the throat to the navel. So, Ham is the sound of your inhalation and exhalation. It also means the merging of the individual breath with the supreme breath. Practice for ten minutes or count from 54 to O, visualizing the breath, and chanting So Ham.

Aim Hrim Klim


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