542 – Hymn to the Night

Ratri Sukta, ‘Hymn to the Night’ is a poem in praise for the Goddess of the night, in Devimahatmyam. It is a Hindu text, consisting of 700 verses and describes the vanquishment of the Mother Goddess over the evil forces, which exist within us.

It is a narrative which recounts the victory of Goddess Durga over the Asuras and is chanted during the Navratris. She is portrayed as a beautiful Goddess, with luminous eyes like stars, illuminating every corner of the earth. Her approaching blackness is like silver velvet blanket which causes people, children, animals and birds to seek sleep.

However, there are evil forces lurking in the inky sky and the hymn appeals for protection and easy passage until the all-encompassing darkness engulfs the earth. And then the dawn arrives, the sister of Dusk. We must never forget that the Goddess of the night merely veils her own light, for beyond ignorance and knowledge, she is self-luminous consciousness.

Visualize Durga

Chant ‘Aim Hrim Klim’ 3 times. Say it aloud if you like. Be comfortable. Visualize the Goddess with the sky as her cloak of stars and her eyes luminous. You are bathed in the lightness of her incandescence. This radiancy of the goddess, wraps one and all in a shimmery blanket created by her to enable you to sleep rested. You are protected by the celestial power of the Mother. Your thoughts melt away and no distress can phase you. The Goddess is there to protect you and hand you over to her sister, Dawn. Chant ‘Aim Hrim Klim’ 3 times.

We say Good Night because we wish to be enveloped in the cooling aura of the starlight and enjoy a thought free rest.

Reference: Devimatmyam, In praise of the Goddess. Devadatta Kali.

Aim Hrim Klim

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