585 – Children and colors

Children love color and they are also influenced by what they see around them. They are drawn towards bright colors like red, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. Such colors create a sense of energy and playfulness. These colors also emanate happiness. I have seen firsthand how kids love colors.

I run TORCH, an NGO which works with little kids who live with their parents on the street. My children are between 3–8 years. We teach them life skills (to protect themselves from sexual abuse), routine and how to say no. They also learn simple breathing practices like anna panna, a Vipassana practice of watching and feeling your breath. It is amazing as to how quickly a group of children can remain quiet for five minutes with this practice. They also learn basic skills like coloring and recognition of fruits and flowers. They are quick to recall colors and their eyes light up, when one says mangoes, watermelon, and grapes.

We have many international volunteers coming to help us. Their contribution is giving the children affection and playing games with them. They also help us in our running of the project. One of our volunteers had painted her toe nails bright blue. The children were sitting on the floor and she was sitting on a chair. They crowded around her and were spellbound by her nail polish. They stretched out their little fingers and were stroking her nails.

Little girl impressed by color

Yesterday I was in the market place. We do have child beggars wandering around. A little girl, who must have been all of three, came to me and tried to sell me a pen. Then she stopped in her speech and gazed at my toenails, which were painted different shades of purple and pink. She was silenced and could not take her eyes off them. I bought her a cold drink and she went off with a smile.

I have taken a snap of my nail polish, to share with you.

I try always to give my children bright colored tracksuits, t-shirts, leggings and crocs. They just love pink, purple, turquoise and orange. It has often happened that person who gift us things imagine that street kids should be given black, navy blue or brown as not to show dirt. I always insist on colorful sweaters and jackets as the delight on their faces is enough of a thank you gift from them.

Let us restore mother earth to its pristine colors in the flora and fauna and make our children smile.

Aim Hrim Klim

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