593 – Piglet and his heart

Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a large amount of gratitude. – A.A. Milne

My dear ones, let us think of all the things that make us cheerful, joyous, and elated. We only and recall the misfortunes which enwrap us like a wet blanket.

Carefree thoughts

When the sun shines. The flowers on the apple, cherry and mango trees. The green of the tender leaves and the color of the flowers. The dark sky when there is no sun. The raindrops and the hail stones. The birds singing frantically, calling spring, and hatching of the eggs. Someone praised me and gave me a compliment. I was appreciated. A child flashed a smile. A kitten playing with its mum’s tail. Bees sipping the nectar. Lady birds crawling, their brown skins dotted. Chameleons changing colors. Spiders also are busy making their webs and like being in the warmth. I have seen a spider in my apartment in Yoga Vidya, stretch its legs when the heating was turned on in spring. It was cold and it felt good near the radiator.

It is difficult when one is steeped in misery and can only think of ‘why me?’ It just keeps adding to one’s list of complaints and they multiply faster than bacteria. It is difficult not to acknowledge the problems but there is a solution, and it is to look at the brighter side of life. Sometimes it is difficult to find the brighter side. Sadness moves swiftly despite its heaviness but happiness which is light has to be grasped as it flies away. A memory can create happiness. It can be a tiny thought of a bright color, blue for example and then one’s memory travels to a sea, the sky, flowers, shoes, frisbee or anything which gives one a warm fuzzy. A wrapper of a sweet can give one this feeling, mint or an ice-cream.

When one gives

Think of all the good things others have done for you. The list will be endless. Once one starts working on this in one’s mind, happiness descends on one like a silken blanket. A memory comes back to me of a walk in Nazareth. I wanted to buy a lemon and flat bread. The market was a very busy place, and I did not have change. The person who happened to be selling both, gave them to me free. I felt very embarrassed, and my husband was mad at me, but then I thanked him with a big smile. He returned my smile. When one gives, one always feels good. Try it, is the fastest way to come out of despondence.

In my work as a counsellor for HIV / AIDS, people have given me many things when they could ill afford them. I have never refused their gifts as they were giving them because they were happy with my work.

I have also observed that people who do not have much, are more generous. In our project we find that the children always want to share what they have. Sometimes it is difficult to refuse, even when one is offered a chip with a grimy hand.

Be kind, be compassionate and empathetic. You will find that your regrets and heartache will be dispelled. You will feel light and free. Look out for the crack which lets the light get in. Lighten your heart and life with gratitude.

How heavy a body that has been traversed by death is, life is light, there’s no need to let anyone make it heavy for us. – Elena Ferrante

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Christopher Carson on Unsplash

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