651 – Pray for Pure Air

Who is Vayu. He is a Hindu deity, the father of Hanuman and the father of Pandavas Bheema, son of Kunti. He was the spiritual father of Lord Hanuman, whom we consider the God of Prana. In Sanskrit Vayu means wind or air. He controls the wind and air.

In the Vedic times, Vaya was part of the holy trinity, Agni and Varuna. He was a violent God, who did not think twice before causing destructive acts and had a very bad temper. Vaya was the ruler of the Gandharvas, the celestial spirits who lived in the forests, and mountain spirits. He is described as having exceptional beauty and moving noisily in his shining chariot driven by two or forty-nine or one thousand white and purple horses. He holds a white banner.

Vayu symbolizes the power, strength and stamina and gentleness as he gives life to the creation of living things with gentle breaths. It is with Vayu that one inhales and exhales.

Vayu, the wind god represents air, space and the power of the weather. When Vayu is displeased, he creates terrifying storms capable of destruction. Now how do we placate Vayu and address climate change. We are destroying Mother Earth with our lifestyle. We have to change our ways, before it is too late.

Already running out of time

We are burning fossil fuels (coal, air and gas) which generate greenhouse gas emissions that engulf the earth and trap the sun’s heat and raising the temperatures. The main greenhouse gases that are causing the climate change include carbon-dioxide and methane. These come from using gas for driving a car or coal or heating and cooling a building. Cutting down forests also leads to the release of the carbon dioxide. Agriculture, oil and gas operations are major sources of methane emissions.

It is the truth which is confronting us. Intense drought, water scarcity, severe fires, rising sea levels, flooding, melting polar ice, catastrophic storms and declining biodiversity are hurting the planet.

Concerted awareness and consciousness of purpose is required. Save energy at home, walk, bike, take public transport, consider your travel, eat more greens, throw no food away, and recycle. The list is endless and if all of us work unitedly we can do it.

Vayu Gayatri Mantra

Let me meditate on the life-giving air, one who holds the scepter, give me higher intellect, and let the God of Winds illuminate my mind.

This mantra can be chanted by all those who want a clean environment free of pollution and climate change.

Aim Hrim Klim


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