652 – What are we doing about Mother Earth?

What have we learnt from her?
Are we stable and grounded?
How are we coping with the ever-changing world around us?
How is our emotional well-being?
Are we able to remain in a balanced state?
Are we honoring her?

She is honored by kind words, kind thoughts and kind intentions which become reparative actions.

What comes under kind words? Praising someone, offering thanks and thinking the best of everyone. Love of fellow beings.

What comes under kind thoughts? No negative thoughts, being neutral, non-judgmental and empathetic.

What comes under kind intentions? What are we going to do, what reparative actions are we going to take? We have to respect Mother Earth, save the flora and fauna, the waterways, the mountains and respect the environment. Restore earth to its pristine glory and no wars with weapons of mass destruction.

A beautiful form of life

Chinese medicine and Qi Gong are based on the understanding that one of the five elements that make up all physical matter is Earth. The earth element is best appreciated by looking at the seasons. As humans we embrace the change with strength and stability. All living organisms ultimately return to the soil so that it can be recycled into a new and beautiful form of life.

The Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi has two forms Sri Devi and Bhudevi. Both are on either side of Vishnu. Sri Devi is the spiritual energy and is called Prakriti. Bhudevi represents the totality of the material world, called Apara Prakriti or Mother Earth.

Oh Mother, you who have the Ocean as your Garments, and Mountains as Your Bosom, Oh Consort of Lord Vishnu, Salutations to you; Please forgive the touch of my feet on Earth, which is Your Holy Body.

Mother Earth is the epitome of compassion and patience. She carries the results of our collective misdeeds against her. And that is why we offer prayers to her seeking forgiveness. Mother Earth is protecting the nature and cosmos and she is considered the most ancient Goddess.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Stephanie Guarini on Unsplash

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