665 – Hari Om my dear ones

No wonder there is conflict. I leave you to decide.

Goddess Shakti
She is the Mother of the Universe, First, Last and the Highest Refuge.

Whom does Shiva worship?
None, he contemplates on himself. Everyone meditates on Lord Shiva, while Lord Shiva contemplates on nobody but himself. Shivapuran.

If you have faith in Sri Krishna, he not only supports you, but also becomes your charioteer at the right timeā€¦

Apparently, there can be serious altercations at the altar, I was told by a very devout Hindu person. Gods have their ego, and one must respect that. One cannot have the trinity on the altar, and yet the Goddess Tripura Sundari sits on a lotus, that is kept on the horizontal body of Shiva. It rests on a throne whose legs are believed to be the Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rudra and Lord Shiva.

My suggestion is close your ideas and select your favorite visualization.

Aim Hrim Klim


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