672 – Pursuit of Bliss

We are all seekers of bliss. We imagine that bliss is when we our dreams are fulfilled. What are our dreams? Let us list them. Where do I start? Each one of us has our own bliss priority. I can generalize, dear ones but please do not be cross with me.

Bliss is appreciating beauty of nature.
Bliss is falling in love.
Bliss is finding a partner.
Bliss is having or adopting a baby.
Bliss is having your own home, a great job or fame.
Bliss is being in the presence of a divine being.

There are so many things which we believe will cause us perfect happiness.

Bliss is a state of awareness. Bliss is not a result of an activity. We think of activities as pleasant and unpleasant. Once we associate joy with some pursuit or enterprise. The result is we avoid an unpleasant action and crave for the exercise which gave us pleasure. All of us would like to be in a state of bliss, but how do we accomplish consciousness and self-awareness.

We now have to look upon all our deeds, whether we are cooking, writing or chanting. What is our state? Are we dedicated to the task, is our mind neutral or is it engaged in conversation with our thoughts, whenever there is a pause.

There are some simple acts we can accomplish to be in a state of awareness. At night, become aware, when you fall asleep. The period between being awake and asleep. In the morning when you wake up, before arising from your bed, chant a mantra eleven times with your breath (deep inhalation, pause deep exhalation, pause). This creates consciousness of waking and sleeping.

A practise

Bring love into your heart, not for a loved one but a neutral object, like a flower, a fruit hanging on a tree, a bird singing or just gazing at the light of the new day. Play chants, listen to them. Once you can accomplish this then you are internalizing your awareness. You are not thinking about yourself, and then whatever you do becomes a blissful expression as your thoughts are not playing with you. The secret is you are centered and focused. Your energy level is not dissipated.

You are now connected with your inner divine, this results in harmony and equanimity.

Aim Hrim Klim


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