698 – Isomorphism and awakening our Kundalini

Isomorphism means similarity in its simplest meaning. There is similarity between the macro cosmos (universe) and the microcosmos which is the human organism. Yoga Darsana Upanishad (4.48—53) describes this. The eternal (sacred) tirtha (sacred ford, holy water, place of pilgrimage) is considered inferior to the sacred tirtha in the body, and external mountains and other places identified with the various parts of the organism.

The Mount Meru is in the head
And Kedara in your brow;
Between your eyebrow, near your nose,
Know dear disciple, that Varanasi stands;
In your heart is the confluence
Of the Ganges and the Yamuna;
Lastly Kamalya is to be found in the Muladhara.

To prefer the real Tirthas
To those concealed in your body,
Is to prefer common pot shards
To diamonds laid in your hands.

Your sins will be washed away,
Whether you have made love with your wife or another
If you carry out the pilgrimages
Within your own body from one Tirtha to another.

True Yogis, who worship the atman in themselves
Have no need of water (tirthas)
Or of Gods of wood or clay.

The Tirthas of your body
Infinitely surpass those of the world,
And the Tirthas of the soul is the greatest of them;
And others are nothing beside it.

Dear ones, purifying our nadis, chakras through our sacred breath, sacred sound and symbol leads to balancing of our prana. Our goal for spiritual connectivity is accomplished through self-awareness and breath-awareness.

Reference: Hindu Spirituality, Vedas through Vedanta. Edited by Krishna Sivaraman. “Yoga: The Royal Path to Freedom,” Ravi Ravindra.

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