729 – Prana Shakti please infuse Mother Earth

There is so much happening around and yet at the same time one feels overwhelmed or underwhelmed. The newspaper has just come and each of us has our own paper. Glancing at the newspaper and reading the news, induces a sense of deep sadness. War has taken the front pages, and the reporters are eager to tell us. The more distressing it is, the better it is for the ratings.

It is unavoidable and how can we function. It cannot be ignored.

There is a way and that is collective prayers for the warring countries and the death of the little souls. Never has a period required an input from each one of us.

How many of us are aware about our Shakti within us? In India, we will be celebrating the festival of lights soon. It is the time for being a good and compassionate person.

Listen to your inner voice. Become aware of your consciousness. Love, serve and give.

We can send Prana collectively to the universe, which is getting depleted of Shakti. Mother Earth can enable us all if we let her.

Aim Hrim Klim


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