759 – Prayer to Mahalakshmi

O Goddess Mahalakshmi! You are omniscient, you grant boons to all and frighten all the wicked! You are the remover of all sorrows; I bow to you.

This prayer to Goddess Lakshmi is different in that it looks upon her as the mother, who rids her children of all misery.

When one looks upon the Goddess Lakshmi, observe her benign smile. Her blessings are like a gentle rain and she knows exactly what one’s heart desires. As children, one would look at her picture and feel happy.

She is considered not merely the creator or bestower of wealth, she is all knowing. All mothers want to give their children what they want. However, they may be ignorant. Maha Lakshmi is the supreme Mother, who knows the pains, the problems of each of her children. She is patient and waits for them to ask for the right thing. She is happiest if she is approached for spiritual wealth, it is however unspoken.

Dear ones, look upon the Goddess with a pure heart and let her smile awash you with bliss.

It is a very joyous feeling when one joins one’s hand in Namaste. It is the sincerity of the moment.

Aim Hrim Klim


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