774 – Dispellers of Darkness

Guru is a combination of two ideas: gu means darkness and ru means dispeller. A guru dispels the darkness within one and then one develops awareness and consciousness.

Thursday and Friday are the days for Gurus. Thursday is named after Brahaspati, Jupiter and he is considered the guru of all the gods. Brahaspativar is Thursday. Friday is called Shukravar and Shukra is the Guru of the asuras. There is always conflict between the two as Shukra (Venus) has only one eye, and he is creative. Brihaspati has two eyes, and he is practical. It is believed and accepted that one needs both qualities, creativity and practicality to be effective.

Brihaspati was a great sage and emerged from the first great light. He has a golden body, and he wears golden clothing. He carries a special bow, which maintains cosmic order. He is considered the Guru of all the celestial beings. Thursday is his day, and it is also known as guruvar. On Thursday, the guru is most accessible to his devotees who wear yellow clothing and offer yellow flowers.

Shukra is considered a Brahmin, of the highest priestly order. Shiva blessed Shukra with Sanjeevni Vidya (knowledge of reviving dead persons to life), which brought back the Asuras to life. Shukra Puja helps one to have a content marriage and removes the malefic influences. Shukra is divided into two parts, one half being the knowledge for Devas and the other half being the knowledge for the Asuras. Fridays, one wears white clothing and offers white flowers and milk sweets.

Aim Hrim Klim


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