829 – What is the nature of spiritual initiation?

One wishes to attract the attention of an entity one can see but one does not know his name. One uses a word or a sound to attract his attention. He comes over and says that his name is so and so and was one seeking him. Similarly, God himself in the role of the Guru discloses himself to the pilgrim wandering in search of a guide. In the ultimate analysis the pilgrim is one with the name and with the Guru. How can it be otherwise? He alone can impart the gift of his name and none but he himself can sustain the knowledge of his name. As explained by Sri Anandamayi Ma.

Anandamayi Ma went through all the spiritual experiences for the benefit of seekers. When asked as to why she went through the process, she replied that if she did not make enquiries from the seekers, they would be dissatisfied. However, the experiences of a fellow pilgrim would enable them to go ahead. They were encouraged to continue on the spiritual path. She added that her confirmation of the validity of stages of their effort based on the sharing of her lived experience convinced the disciples that the search for self-realization was the only aim in life.

It is true unless one goes through the hoops of fire, one does not develop spiritual awareness. When one is a seeker, one develops conscientiousness and by reading the scriptures one is influenced by what one reads and it results in spiritual empowerment.

Aim Hrim Klim


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