857 – Enjoy real life

Abandon all luxuries, go back to transparent and natural living. In order to enjoy real and lasting happiness lead an uncomplicated life. Immortality can only be attained by realizing the Self through plain living, practice of Yoga, self-control, mental discipline and meditation. Sadhana is the way. One has to reach a realm where there is neither light nor darkness, neither easy nor west, neither gain nor loss, a realm which can never be reached either by the mind or the senses. Sincerity in one’s spiritual sadhana, can enable one to evolve quickly. – Swami Sivananda.

Dear ones, what is the takeaway?

  1. Lead an effortless life, which means accept each day as it comes. No expectations. Do one’s best.
  2. Self-observation and Self-control.
  3. Daily Sadhana and what is this? Daily sadhana is a routine in which one becomes aware and centered.

This occurs first through the practice of Breath Awareness.

  1. One just concentrates on the ingoing and outgoing breath.
  2. Then one has to count one’s breath backwards, without errors. The number can be 27, 54 or 108.
  3. Then one visualizes the inhalation with prana to the count of 5, pauses to the count of 5, exhales to the count of 10, and pauses again to the count of 5. 54 times, counting backwards, if an error is made, then one has to start again.

This the balancing pranayama and is called Samvrit pranayama.

What happens? One is not controlled by one’s thoughts, therefore one becomes free from fear, and non-judgmental. One has vanquished the thought police.

All our Gurus say the same thing. Sadhana, sadhana, sadhana. Sadhana is the fastest way to effect change and to awaken your inner divinity.

Aim Hrim Klim


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