871 – Divine Prayer—Soundarya Lahiri

Soundarya Lahiri means waves of beauty. It consists of two parts. Ananda Lahiri means waves of happiness (41 stanzas) and Soundarya Lahari (the next 59 stanzas). It is believed that Ganesha himself wrote the Ananda Lahiri on Mount Meru. The first 100 stanzas are considered the most spiritual verses ever written. It is said that all those who read this are awash with joyous happiness.

Verse 1

Lord Shiva, only becomes able.
To do creation in this world along with Shakti
Without her, even an inch he cannot move,
And so how, one who does not do good deeds,
Or one who does not sing your praise,
Become adequate to worship you
Oh, Goddess mine, who is worshipped by the trinity.

Verse 2

Attracting all the world.
Attracting all the worlds, the creator of yore,
Selects a dust from your feet,
And he creates this world,
The great Adishesha with his thousand heads,
Some how carries the dust of your feet,
With great effort
And the lord Rudra
Takes it and powders it,
And uses it as holy ash.

Verse 3

Attainment of Knowledge.
The dust under your feet, Oh Goddess great,
Is like the city of the rising sun,
That removes all darkness,
From the mind of the unfortunate, poor ignorant one,
Is like the honey that flows,
From the flower bunch of vital action,
To the slow witted one,
Is like the heap of wish giving gems,
To the poorest of men,
And is like the teeth of Lord Vishnu
In the form of Varaha,
Who brought to surface,
The mother earths
To those drowned in this sea of birth.

Verse 4

Removing all fears, curing all diseases.
Oh, She who is the refuge to all this world,
All gods, except you Mother,
Give refuge and grant wishes,
Only by their hand.
But only you Mother
Never show the world in detail.
The boons and refuge that you can give,
For even your holy feet will suffice
To remove fear forever,
And grant boons much more than asked.

Dear ones, in the time of Chaitra Navratri, reading stanzas from the divine prayer Soundarya Lahiri imparts wisdom and courage.

Aim Hrim Klim


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