916 – What comes free in life?

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase for something for something. It is interesting to observe how many of us practice quid pro quo in our daily lives. I find that animals and birds also to do this. Whenever we travel, we find that a lovely dog befriends us. This happens wherever we go.

The first day, we receive a lot of tail wagging and licking. We are followed and after the first day, the same dog ignores us. You know why, we have to give treats and then there is a wonderful ongoing relationship as long as we are there. Being an observant person, I realized the truth. It is so funny as how these dogs especially in Chile, befriend the person with most treats.

Today I learnt something else. I imagined that the birds adored Krishna Das, as they sing along. They do fancy him but they expect a treat. Krishna Das remains their favourite and now they enjoy the flute. With the flute they sing loudly and also if the cat’s bowl has food, they are happier. In this case I am happy with the quid pro quo as having a dog keeping us company or birds singing is delightful.

It is said nothing in life comes for free. Many of us believe in this fervently. It means that one must work hard and therefore one loses something. It is true, one must work but does it mean that one should not think of working unconditionally. If one works unconditionally, then the sense of accomplishment is very great. It is called Karma Yoga.

What comes free in life

  1. Hugs make one feel good and also the person who is hugged.
  2. Smiles make one feel joyous and smiling at a stranger makes one feel a sense of social connectedness.
  3. Laughter makes one free of stress and it can boost one’s memory.
  4. Happy memories create nostalgia which leads to decrease of loneliness and anxiety.
  5. Love induces a feeling of emotional wellness and security.

So, share the free things in life, the more you give, the more you get. You will never feel short changed giving a hug, or a smile.

Aim Hrim Klim


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