920 – The wellspring of love

Where is this wellspring of love? What does wellspring mean? Wellspring is the source of a stream, spring or fountainhead. It is the heart, which is the source of everything one does. King Solomon said, that the heart was the wellspring of life. It is the source of everything in one’s life.

Swami Sivananda said that love had four expressions. The first expression was a sensitive heart. The second was joyful affection. The third expression was an illuminated and radiant love. The fourth was a burning absorption.

Love is manifested in many ways. When one loves someone, then is a connection and one becomes sensitive to them the love develops and can go through the four interpretations. Love for the Divinity awakens one’s connection to him/her. Love reflects itself in the passion for fine arts, science and literature. Love can compare to the fragrance of the jasmine flower. It radiates within one from the heart.

Love makes one glow and the fountain of love can never run dry, because one’s soul resides in the heart. Serve, love and give and let the fountain in your heart sing.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska on Unsplash

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